And now something really, completely, absolutely different!!!. Well there is a little story about this one. January 2nd is my son's birthday. In 2004 he will be 15. Believe me, he's a good boy, with all the problems of his age that will drive a parent crazy. Last year he bought a skateboard and since then this is his only thrill. So I asked him: "what do you want for your birthday?" Answer: "Nothing, don't bother, you don't know anything about skatestuff, like boards, decks, trucks, wheels. Just give me you money." So this was my challenge: I decided to strike back in 1/35 scale. Can't wait to see his face when he sees this!!! I got the idea for the lay-out from numerous pictures and movie clips from youngsters on boards. The "grinding" over fences is in my opinion one of the most attractive moves (to watch, not to preform). This became the base for a very dynamic scene. I started with the figure. I sculpted him around a wire armature from epoxy putty. The hands and feet are from plastic kits. The head is from the Hornet range with a so called "beany" from epoxy putty. The skate-board is made from plastic-card and brass wire. The wheels are made with a punch and die set. The base is scratchbuilt, using plastic card, plaster, tooth-picks and other small bits. The old bicycle on the bottom of the canal is from Tamiya. The water is made with NIMIX-gel. I painted everything the same way I paint my military itemi.