Here I would like to show some books I definitely recommend. They are good reading and have some nice pictures. They helped me develope my modelling skills. They are writen by some of the best modelers in the world. I had the privelage to meet some of them at modelling show.Most of them are just nice guys!!

Get yourself these titles. They are worthwhile.


Modelling Waffen-SS figures by Calvin Tan is an absolute must have.

This books gives a great step by step painting guide, using Vallejo Modelcolors. Good text, though the pictures have a kind of a blueish haze. Nice color charts. Suitable for beginners up till master level. Packes with super info, painting flesh tones, camo patterns, painting equipment. There is also a lot of buidling info.

Available through Osprey, not expensive. This is a book I use on a weekly basis.

Modelling Fallschirmjäger figures.

Also from the Osrey Range. This one is even better. If you need just one book, get this one. Excellent painting guide. Wonderful color charts, great building tips. It is all there. Everything is very well explained. If you follow these guys' instructions and show some patience, results will come!!