Sd.Kfz. 11


This beautiful vehicle is an AFV-kit. Up till now I was not very familiar with this brand. This is a very fine kit, though not cheap. It is a rather complete, but also complicated kit. In my opinion the the number of parts is a bit over the top; sometimes things are made unnecessary difficult. The kit comes with a few etched parts and fine soft vinyl, one-piece tracks. In spite of the instructions, these tracks cannot be glued with ordinary plastic glue. Mine are fixed by needle and thread to get a proper sag. Care must be taken with these tracks, because there is a difference in length between left and right. The canvas tarp, mastered by Danny Raadtgever and Ton van Rijnberk, is a resin casting by Scale Line. I finished the vehicle in Tamiya acrylics after I pre-shaded everything semi-gloss black. The figures are Verlinden resin castings with Hornet heads. I painted them in Revell enamels and oils.